Wipe Your Paws at the Door and Enjoy a Pet Spa Day

Drop your pet off with our cat and dog groomer in Haughton, LA

Is your white cat shedding all over your black sofa? Does your dog have nails that could cut diamonds? If your pet needs to be groomed and cleaned, The Pet Pawlor is the place for you. Our dog and cat groomers in Haughton, LA have decades of experience caring for various pet breeds.

Before your four-legged friend comes in for their spa day, we'll need you to fill out a groomer's card, let us know if your pet is spayed or neutered and provide up-to-date proof of vaccination.

Call 318-615-4484 now to discuss your needs with our cat and dog groomers.

Sit and stay for a day of doggone great pampering

Sit and stay for a day of doggone great pampering

Rely on our dog and cat groomer to:

  • Cut away your furry friend's overgrown and matted fur
  • Bathe your pet and express their anal glands so they smell fresh
  • Blow-dry your pet to fluff out their clean, glossy coat
  • Clean out your pet's ears, brush their teeth and trim their toenails
  • De-shed your pet's loose undercoat before it ends up on your furniture
We'll even give your doggo a K-9 massage to reduce their anxiety, increase circulation and alleviate pain.

To learn more about our services, speak with our cat and dog groomers today.